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Eccentrically Nice or Bitchy or On Drugs?

Well not exactly.

And I didn’t always know this is how I was who I am. It took a lot of self-reflection and soul-searching, but once I figured it out I finally quit worrying about relationships with people and just started giving love. The more I give love to people, the more God fills my cup of love to give. It’s a really cool concept I am sure I will get to talk a lot more about later.

Who I Am

There is so much behind my eyes and my tongue that gets processed in a split second… I can’t even get it off my lips fast enough and out to the people I love. There’s not enough time in the day. And love… I frickin love people. Why? I am pretty sure it is because I am what is called an “empath.” The best way to describe it goes like this:

The House Kitty-

· I don’t believe the words people say
· I don’t believe the actions people perform
· I don’t believe the looks others show
· I don’t believe the thoughts others think

I only trust the way I feel when I am listening to people’s words, seeing people in action, and tasting people’s energy they give off. I do not believe what others want me to believe. I feel the truth through some universal perspective. I sense vibrations and the vibrations don’t lie. Other people believe their own lies and I can still see that person’s vibrations of truth underneath it all.

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