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Are you serious Dog Breed Matcher Quiz?! The Peruvian Inca Orchid

I'm thinking about getting a dog. I am struggling about making sure I get the right breed for my lifestyle- being a house kitty and all… cuddly, forgetful, irresponsible at times, always playing, escaping for too long, loves napping in quiet, doesn't want to go for long walks unless it is on a treadmill, etc. and THIS is what the American Kennel Club matched me with. I don't think it's an actual dog. This looks like a river monster from that tv show on the Discovery channel. But I shall get one and he shall be named 'Dragon.'

Why 'Dragon' the Peruvian Inca Orchid (not a flower, but also not a dog) is a good fit for me

  • Size: Small
  • Fur: Short coat (although looks like none at all to me)
  • Trainability: Independent and noble
  • Grooming Required: literally, rare. (Yuck)


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How to Decorate a Magic Wand: A Pondering By THK

This is a post I wrote the very first day I started my blog. This is a perfect example of something my distracted mind thinks about for a moment during the day but typically I would push it away and bring some Jedi master mind game and wipe it from my memory. Um, The House Kitty says no, let's play!

First of all, my magic wand needs to be made of some cool @$$ material- like the fossilized powder dust of wooly mammoths mixed with crushed pearls. You can feel free to use anything, garbage bags, dehydrated mushrooms.. whatever you love or whatever you think is totally rad. I knew a guy that thought penguins were cool, so I bet he would like the base of his wand to be made out of penguin pebbles. Because we aren't going to use anything that would harm anybody. Okay? Good.

So once I somehow magically got my wooly mammoth fossils to form the shape of a wand, which would be cool if it were swirly and not just a straight wand, but to each his own! You need some bling or some bedazzle, so get that glue out, you cats! I am going to use hot glue because apparently I am a fan of burning my fingerprints off. Oh well.

Things to Glue On My Wand From Bottom to Top, Row by Row:

  • Pennies, bright shiny ones for good luck
  • Lisa Frank erasers – if you don't know what these are, click here
  • Skittles, the tropical flavors bag
  • Swarovski crystals, all the kinds and colors- because of Mercedes can do it, why not me?!
  • Feathers, just sticking up all over the place coming out straight from the top

How would you decorate your wand? I dare you to think about it. 😛

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The Odyssey- My Road Trip Across America: A Free Country

Nine days. Nine states. Three ladies. One car. Too many miles to add because I don't really like math.

🎵We're Off To See The Colorado.. the wonderful Colorado of Oz 🎵

We started out in Knoxville, TN. We stopped for a bathroom break on Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN to hear live music for, oh, about 9.7 seconds and show my niece Tootsies! Yee-haw! I am fairly certain that every song I have ever heard played live in Nashville has always and forever been " I should've been a cowboy," and today didn't disappoint. Is every failed cowboy a musician or is every failed musician a wannabe cowboy? The world will never know…

^^^definitely never been a cowboy.

The Odyssey Plan:

Day 1: Knoxville > Nashville > St. Louis > Kansas City (MISSOURI or KANSAS?!? Which one!! This has concerned me for the months I've been planning!!)
Day 2: KC > Colorado Springs — because let's be honest, there ain't nothing in Kansas, Dorothy.
Day 3: Garden of the Gods, Manitou
Day 4: "Nowhere on a mountain, there's an X on the map we sent you, but it's close to Hayden, CO. But we promise you will love it!" – Aunt Barbara
Day 5: Grand Junction/Wyoming
Day 6: Albuquerque
Day 7: Amarillo > Oklahoma City
Day 9: Memphis > Knoxville

Day 10: sleepzzzzzz

But because this is a plan and because I am the house kitty, who knows where I will end up!!

And Because Adventure!