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The Odyssey- My Road Trip Across America: A Free Country

Nine days. Nine states. Three ladies. One car. Too many miles to add because I don't really like math.

🎵We're Off To See The Colorado.. the wonderful Colorado of Oz 🎵

We started out in Knoxville, TN. We stopped for a bathroom break on Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN to hear live music for, oh, about 9.7 seconds and show my niece Tootsies! Yee-haw! I am fairly certain that every song I have ever heard played live in Nashville has always and forever been " I should've been a cowboy," and today didn't disappoint. Is every failed cowboy a musician or is every failed musician a wannabe cowboy? The world will never know…

^^^definitely never been a cowboy.

The Odyssey Plan:

Day 1: Knoxville > Nashville > St. Louis > Kansas City (MISSOURI or KANSAS?!? Which one!! This has concerned me for the months I've been planning!!)
Day 2: KC > Colorado Springs — because let's be honest, there ain't nothing in Kansas, Dorothy.
Day 3: Garden of the Gods, Manitou
Day 4: "Nowhere on a mountain, there's an X on the map we sent you, but it's close to Hayden, CO. But we promise you will love it!" – Aunt Barbara
Day 5: Grand Junction/Wyoming
Day 6: Albuquerque
Day 7: Amarillo > Oklahoma City
Day 9: Memphis > Knoxville

Day 10: sleepzzzzzz

But because this is a plan and because I am the house kitty, who knows where I will end up!!

And Because Adventure!

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