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Favorite Breakup Songs – When you hear a song and it hits a spot right in the feels.

It just happened to me. I woke up and started my daily work routine, ya know? Sit, wake up, drink coffee, turn on music, pick a genre– today’s was “Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits” by Blake Shelton… then I got to number 6 on the album, then somehow I just haven’t moved past number 6 on the album and it is 10am. I should be way beyond track 6 (do we even still call these “tracks” now? hello 2017, nice to meet you, I’m lost!) on this album by now, because we all know Blake Shelton makes no Pink Floydesque sized songs.  So what’s the deal?! Well, when I hear a song and it hits me at first, I just can’t move on. I listen and listen and listen. Embarrassingly enough, Google Play – my personal music listening apparatus of choice – keeps track of the number of times I listen to each individual song, and let me tell you people, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW! Even I, The House Kitty, am embarrassed on some of these. Eventually I will make a list of those and share them with you, but in honor of today’s track 6 on Blake Shelton’s Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits – I present to you my favorite ten (in NO particular order!!!) Breakup Songs at the moment… and no, I am not going through a breakup, I would have had to have been in a relationship for there to be a breakup, but a house kitty can still love a good breakup song any time.

Heart music

Favorite Breakup Songs at the Moment

  • Mine Would Be You – Blake Shelton (mmhmm, this is the above mentioned track)
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar (because bring it, beech)
  • Every Little Thing – Carly Pearce (‘If My Name Was Whiskey’ is pretty darn good too, but I couldn’t but both her songs on here..)
  • Either Way – Chris Stapleton (mmmm…. voice. *drool**forgets breakup**drools more*)
  • Vice – Miranda Lambert (yes, this might be the most listened to song in my library.. eek)
  • Should’ve Been Us – Tori Kelly (Yeah, right! … right? eh, idk!)
  • Here’s to Us – Ellie Goulding (just precious. This was aired on the episode of GIRLS where Marnie finds herself with… no spoilers, but watch it.)
  • Love Yourself – The Beibs (because c’mon, you know this song feels so good to sing when you’re really upset about someone)
  • Really Don’t Care – Demi Lovato (see above… both Justin Beiber and comment about feeling good when singing, ha!)
  • Feeling Myself – Nikki Minaj (because this is what we all should be doing when we are on our own now)
  • Bonus: Woman – Kesha (if you’re feeling 100% and want to keep going, listen to this one to push yourself to put your hot clothes on and forget the breakup even happened.)

YOU ROCK and YOU GOTTA OWN IT! GET IT!! GO GET OUT THERE, ‘FEEL YOURSELF’ 100% Like Nikki would, ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ more than Justin Beiber ever could!

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