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When life gives you peaches…

So this house kitty got lost yesterday.. literally. Not metaphorically, because that happens to me everyday. And I pulled over to turn around but low and behold there was a peach stand right in front of me. I stopped, I had a ten dollar bill, I bought some peaches, and I left. Then this is what happened:



1-2 Peach(s) (diced/sliced/smashed/whatever)

1 dash Nutmeg

3 teaspoons Honey

1 tablespoons Brown Sugar


1 Very Ripe Banana

3 tablespoons Flour

2 teaspoons Egg Replacer

1 tablespoon Ripple Vanilla (milk substitute)

1 dash Cinnamon

Then I baked it in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees and ate ittttttttttttttt!!

My little breakfast heart is as happy as a puppy in a pool of dog food. And trust me, I grew up breeding these little puppers, and those pups lurve their little pools of dog food. They jump into the food bowl before they even start eating – hence “pool” of dog food.

So screw lemons, I want life to keep sending me these f*cking peaches!!!!

Also, this house kitty needs to stay indoors more often.